Choosing the Right Handle for You!

Getting a paddle is one thing, but choosing the right handle is another. Different handle options can affect factors such as control and comfort. Knowing which handle works best for you can improve your paddling experience.


The Standard T-grip is the perfect transition from a wooden paddle grip. It is our original handle type and was modeled after the Trident II traditional handle. The handle is perfectly fitted onto the shaft to provide extreme durability and to prevent snapping. We thought this was the perfect grip to start out with because everyone transitioning to a carbon fiber paddle would already be familiar with it. Burnwater is the only brand that provides a T grip on a carbon paddle.


The Ergo is the first custom handle that was created by Burnwater. It was developed in response to paddlers who wanted something different from the T-grip. The Ergo’s ovular shape allows it to fit right into the palm of your hand. The handle is larger to accommodate paddlers with bigger hands, yet it still allows those with smaller hands to get a strong grip on it.  It gives the same control and familiarity of the T handle, but its curves make it more ergonomic and comfortable.


The Palm grip was inspired by the OC handle and made for outrigger lovers. Its unique shape directs pressure into a more concentrated area in the palm of your hand, where you can get the strongest pull. The Palm grip offers slightly less control compared to the other grips but allows for more power and pressure.


The Micro is the newest addition to the family and was made to accommodate for those with smaller hands and for those who wanted more control. The handle is large enough to prevent hand cramping, yet small enough to let your full hand clamp the whole handle, which results in unrivaled control. Because it is smaller and made for control, you don't get that same comfort as you have with the Ergo grip.