Why a Burnwater Paddle?

Not all paddles are created equal. Burnwater, was one of the first companies to manufacture a full carbon paddle and have been making premium paddles for over 15 years. Made in the USA, we strive towards creating the best quality racing paddles and accessories. The manufacturing process should not be taken lightly. We take great care in going the extra mile to ensure our paddles are the lightest, strongest and most responsive paddles. We believe you should have a paddle that lasts because of great craftsmanship and materials. Our four main technology advantages: Halo Core One-Piece Construction Premium Grade Carbon Laminar Flow Edges

Why are Burnwater paddles better than the competition?

Burnwater technology is superior to the competition. Burnwater’s premium materials and proprietary techniques create a superior paddle. There are four components of a Burnwater paddle that make it the premium choice: Aerospace grade carbon, Halo Core Technology, One-Piece Construction, and Laminar Edges. Combined, these technologies make for a lighter, stronger and more responsive paddle.


What is Halo Core Technology?

Burnwater is the only manufacturer in dragon boating to use HALO Core Technology - high strength/low density foam cores giving it unmatchable strength and durability. This is a proprietary core not seen in any other dragon boat paddle. Why is it different? Some manufacturers use an extremely lightweight core, which ultimately results in a very light paddle. There is a fine balance between lightweight, strength, and durability. As manufacturing pushes the limits on super lightweight there is sacrifice on how much the blade flexes, as well as the how puncture resistant the blade becomes. Our cores are not only lightweight, but almost incomprehensible.

What is the benefit of One-Piece Construction?

One-Piece Construction fuses both the blade and shaft together in one step; eliminating any weak joints that add extra weight and interrupt power transfer to the blade. A one piece carbon fiber paddle is lighter, stronger and allows for smooth, responsive paddle stroke.

Why use aerospace grade carbon?

The use of Aerospace Grade Carbon allows precise control over where and how Burnwater paddles are reinforced.

What is a Laminar Edge?

The use of Aerospace Grade Carbon allows precise control over where and how Burnwater paddles are reinforced.

There are two things that make Aerospace grade carbon.

To seal our position as the top dragon boat paddle manufacturer, we use Laminar Edge— the precision smooth carbon edges is what makes our paddles less likely to chip and provide a clean, splashless entry, and no cavitation. Our paddles are triple layered to maintain durability, also incorporating extra reinforcement around the tips and edges.

Secondly is how we process the carbon. Carbon by itself in it’s raw form is a fiber, woven into groups then braided into a fabric. It comes in rolls just like nylon/cotton etc. What is different is the next step. We pre-impregnate the carbon in a VERY expensive machine that controls the precise amount of resin(Glue) used to saturate the fabric.

This precise technique allows us to control the final weight of the paddle to a very high level. Other paddles that do not incorporate this method and pour resin on their paddle have poor control resulting in a heavy paddle.

Where are your paddles made?

Burnwater paddles are made here in the USA, actually right in San Carlos California; with great attention to detail and the highest quality materials. We have a passion for making paddles and hope to share that love with our fans.

The laws of Fluid dynamics are laws not to be broken. A paddle is not just a stick and a blade. To us it is an engineered piece of equipment that helps you move the boat/craft forward. With that in mind there is one principle that makes all the difference…Laminar Flow. Laminar Flow is the science behind how the blade/water interact. This can be seen in two areas of the paddle stroke - the entry and the catch/stroke.

On the entry our tips are designed to enter the water smoothly without splashing or kerplunking…think Olympic diver versus your weekend cannonballer. On the catch, the water behind your paddle actually flows as you start your catch. That water plays a critical role in how much pressure the blade/water can “hold”. Too flat of a surface the blade is like a big truck; too sharp of a surface, the blade will cut through the water with no traction.

Therefore, every Burnwater face of the blade has the ideal shape for maintaining the optimum amount of pressure, while the edges are built to maintain the flow of water around the blade so there is no Cavitation or “bubbles” that thinner/sharper edges create.


What are the main differences between the RII and RIII?

The biggest question we are getting since the release of the new R3 is…what is the difference? Before I answer that questions I want to highlight some of the similarities.  


The R3 Similar to the R2 model in that it incorporates the  three key performance and design characteristics that make our paddles stand out from other manufacturers both incorporate.

-One Piece design- Lighter more responsive paddle.

-Halo Core (High Strength and Low Weight) core for one of the best catches and ultimate durability.

-FluidForm design uses the latest computer aided fluid dynamics to optimize the entry, catch, stroke, release. Along with form fitting touch points like ergo handles, elliptical shafts to make your connection to the paddle simply amazing.


-New graphics

-The biggest difference is on the inside….we’ve changed the internal Laminate schedule to work with our new adjustable design that is lighter and stronger.

-The R3 is going to have a new adjustable option with three inches of travel instead of the Two.

-The Adjustable mechanism is flipped so that it maintains consistent balance in relation to the blade.

-The new assembly is not only lighter 30grams vs 50grams but stronger as well!!!

-It will come with titanium hardware to resist corrosion all the while being very light.

-The lever to be released in sept will be a retro fit that will come standard on all models.

The three inches of travel will allow for two sizes.

Small 46,47,48, 49

Large 48,49,50,51

What is the main difference between the 3 Burnwater paddle options?

In launching our three models we focused on more what is similar than what is different. All of our models incorporate three of our main technologies.

Halo core
One - Piece construction
Laminar flow design.

Across the board you’re a purchasing a great paddle either way. The differences can be best understood by the following criteria. Weight, Handle type and Shaft Flex, Balance.

Reactor II, is the lightest, stiffest paddle that comes standard with a carbon blade, shaft, handle. Its balance point is 2” under the neck requiring more control from the paddler. It’s fully loaded with all the premium attributes and has the lightest Halo Core.

The Wildfire has a similar stiffness profile as a reactor since it has a carbon blade and shaft but with a slightly heavier Halo Core, and comes standard with the ABS plastic handle. Carbon T-handles are an upgrade option. Balance is neutral 2” above the neck.

The Crossfire is our newest paddle and was designed to be the most user-friendly paddle. It has the greatest swing weight, similar to that of a wood paddle so the recovery is nice and controlled. The shaft is designed with carbon and fiberglass to flex as the power is applied. This flex helps the blade track better in the water and it’s easier on the shoulders. Over all it feels like a wood paddle but will not absorb water and will maintain its performance characteristics over the life of the paddle. A great starter paddle.

How do you choose a correct paddle size?

Can you try a paddle?

We are one of the few manufacturers that will let you demo a paddle at race. Check our race schedule on Facebook. If you are a team and would like one of our rep or distributors to provide a team demo, please contact us at sales@burnwater.com. We currently provide demos in the US and Canada.