Is an Adjustable Handle right for me?

Depending on the conditions at hand, you may need to compensate your paddle length in order to optimize your stroke. Say you’re in a practice boat that is ¾ full. The boat does not sink as much and if you normally use a 48”, you may want to go to a 49” to get a full catch. Failing to adapt can hinder your performance and the boat’s overall performance out on the water, but imagine if you could easily adapt to your conditions?  

 Our answer to this dilemma is through our adjustable handle, which gives you the capability to adjust your paddle’s length +/- 1”.

 Some common situations are:

  • Where you sit in the boat
  • Fresh water versus salt water
  • Boat weight
  • Stroke style
  • Type of Boat
  • Practice ½ boat or Race day full boat.
  • Wind and tide conditions

These factors individually or in combination will require a paddle length that is +/-1” of your normal paddle size.

Our adjustable handle features:

  • Three different grip types (Classic T, Ergo, and Micro)
  • Only 40 grams of weight added on to the paddle, which makes it one of the lightest adjustable handles around
  • A single screw mechanism, while simple, it still maintains one of the strongest holds on the market
  • Easy maintenance, for our salt water paddlers out there
  • An external wrench for accessibility and helps keep the overall weight down