Why Burnwater?

Why Burnwater?

Often the carbon fiber paddle you buy is the investment you make for dragon boating. As an investment, the paddle you want to buy is one that would be great in the long run. This brings up the burning question. Why Burnwater? Below is everything you will need to be convinced that yes, Burnwater is the right investment. 

Best in the Competition

Our paddles set the new standard of excellence in dragon boating. Designed using our family of three proprietary technologies, our paddles are easily the lightest, strongest, and most responsive paddles on the market… because of the following:


Central to the design of the blade is our HALO Core Technology.  Core is everything and HALO stands for High Strength/Low Density. What this boils down to is a compressive strength 3-4 times greater than traditional “spongey” foam cores with the equivalent weight. This does two things. First, it provides a stiffer and more responsive blade. Secondly, a very hard/durable undentable core that not only helps reduce dings and dents without weighing the paddle down.

Laminar Edges

The precise smooth rounded carbon edges help maintain “pressure” laminar flow between the water and the blade resulting in what we feel is one of the best catches. Our beveled tips provide a clean and splashless entry. All edges are reinforced with extra carbon for a lifetime of durability.

Full Carbon Build

The use of aerospace carbon fiber ensures the strongest and highest quality fibers used in the construction of the paddle. We can precisely control where and how much the paddles are reinforced so that each paddle is crafted exactly to our specifications. We build our paddles using our Seamless One Piece™ Technology in order to avoid any extra heavy reinforcements and more importantly, provide a smoother transfer of power from the paddler to the water.