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The Crossfire also uses our Seamless One Piece™  technology to ensure maximum performance at a more affordable price. Its originality comes from the shaft design: instead of a full 100% carbon shaft, we use a blend of sport carbon and fiberglass that provides more flex and a more pronounced "swing" weight giving it the same feel and flex of a wood paddle.

Burnwater Crossfire Paddle
Burnwater Crossfire Paddle


The legendary Reactor II is the lightest and best performing carbon fiber paddle in the line. It incorporates our Seamless One Piece™  Paddle Technology fusing both the blade and shaft together in one piece; eliminating any weak joints that add extra weight and interrupt power transfer to the blade. Burnwater paddles are designed to have the cleanest entry, a very solid catch/traction during the stroke, and smooth exits. 

Burnwater Reactor II Paddle
Burnwater Reactor II Paddle



The Wildfire carbon fiber paddle utilizes top quality sport grade carbon in the blade and shaft. This paddle still uses our Seamless One Piece™ Paddle Technology, clean entry/no chip tip, durable blade, and superb catch, using the same manufacturing process as the Reactor II. Differentiating itself from the Reactor ll by having a slightly heavier Halo Core as well as a standard ABS handle.  The Wildfire paddle comes finished in a sleek satin black finish with permanent decal.

Burnwater Wildfire Paddle
Burnwater Wildfire Paddle
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