Seat Pad

The EVA Trackpad is a PVC reinforced foam seat pad which is strong, durable, and clips securely onto the seat. The foam surface provides cushion for more comfortable paddling. The extra support allows stronger leg drive.

Materials: Made in the USA using PVC reinforced trackpad and EVA foam

Color: Black

Dimensions: 5"x14"x1.5"

Disclaimer- Though this product clamps onto the seat extremely well and works perfectly for 90% of all boats, it is not compatible with a few models of boats with larger seats. We provide a 30 day return policy for seat pads that do not fit the benches. Returned seat pads must be new or like new.
Burnwater Dragon Boat Seatpad-EVA Trackpad
Burnwater Dragon Boat Seatpad-EVA Trackpad
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